Showing Respect – Kissing Up for Pros

Respect.  R-E-C-P-S-T-C.  Or something.  I was never that great at spelling, but you know the song.  Showing your teachers/lecturers/demonstrators a little respect can go a very long way.

angry, argument, attack

Don’t let your emotions rule you!

I’m writing this post to give all of you college guys and girls a little piece of advice: You will receive as much respect as you give. And it is soooo important to let people know that you respect them – it can affect your grades, which then can affect the rest of your life!  A close friend of mine once noticed something interesting.  In the classes that he respected the teacher the most, his grades were the highest.  The more strongly he disliked and disrespected his teacher, the worse his grades would get.  Was there a cause and effect relationship here?  Were his grades dropping due to his dislike and disrespect?  He ended up failing and dropping out after some in-class arguments with a couple of teachers, but what could he have become if only he’d grit his teeth and shown some respect?

How do you feel when someone disrespects you? If they made you feel stupid or rolled their eyes while you spoke?  If you were trying to help them, but they weren’t paying attention because they felt you weren’t “good enough” to listen to?  Would you cut them any slack when you had the opportunity?  Would you give them an extension on an assignment?  Of course not!  You might even go out of your way to stop them from succeeding.  This advice also holds true in the workplace as well, learning respect now can change your life in marvellous ways later on.

My number one tip for showing respect: Be Interested.  Fake it if you have to.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a boring lecture, or a story from your grandfather, or a business networking conversation, or a meeting.  Be interested.  That’s all.  It works on dates, it works on the phone, it works to make a good first impression, it works on old friends, it works all the time!  Show interest in others, and watch your life change for the better.  You’ll be liked by all that you meet, and pathways will become available to you that did not exist before.  Until next time, have fun, and stay respectful!

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