Free Food!

How to get good quality free food at university.

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There’s food everywhere! And trust me, there is plenty to spare – you only need to look at how much is wasted and thrown away at the end of a function to see this.  It is your duty to prevent this waste, and feed yourself in the process.  To get free food at University – the first thing you need to do is work out where the free food is. What are you doing is to check for any flyers, try the common room, or just walking through the buildings in general to see if you can find an empty space but looks like it’s a place where a function could be held. Outside lecture theaters that are small, there could be electric food heaters etc. Once you identify an area where there are conferences or possibly trade displays – you can work out what time of the month or how often they come up – when you see one make sure you have your name tag (make a pre-prepared  one, so just like a plastic pocket that you have like your name in) and whenever you see the visitor display or a conference of some sort and there is food out the front – put your nametag on, hold a notepad and pen, and walk up very confidently and help yourself! Grab it! Please help yourself, then go and sit with everyone and then just kinda slowly walk as you so do this.  You can do this by yourself or you can do it in a group – it’ll be more obvious that you don’t belong there on your own, but generally people do not mind if there is an extra person. Then grab some free food!

Fries and Burger on Plate

The free food that is up for grabs at these conferences or trade displays is often really good quality food, so small cakes, pastries, sandwiches, you can even get some salads and stuff so it’s a good option. Just try  and not to get too involved in the conversation because it makes it obvious that you’re not actually meant to be there!!

Hurray – free food!

Boiling Point Question

Question: Does my spaghetti cook faster if turn up the stove hotter? My teacher says no it won’t.

Answer: This time your teacher is probably right – unless you have a pressure cooker. Water’s boiling point is 100 degrees Celsius, after this it becomes stream. So if you have liquid water in your saucepan, it can only be 100 degrees at the hottest. Stay away from steam, that stuff gets hot! Using a pressure cooker you can reach higher temperatures, the pressure raises the boiling point. So tell your teacher you have a pressure cooker – so there, you were right all along.

Making some easy chicken


Mmmmmm, I love chicken! It is so good. And I’ve got some friends coming over for dinner, also good. But wait, there’s a problem, I just remembered that I don’t know how to cook! But that’s alright because I have discovered Japanese curry roux – it is so awesome that anyone can cook delicious food -even a college guy like me.  Let’s get started!


This is Japanese curry roux, it rocks

You can see in the image above there are a few brands you can choose from, starting from the top we have Kokuma – it’s a nice balanced all around Japanese curry flavour.  Not too spicy, not too mild.  A nice starting point if you’ve never tried it before.  In the middle we have Vermont curry, this one is a bit sweeter with apple and honey flavours (don’t worry, it doesn’t actually taste like apple and honey!), it’s the most forgiving curry if you don’t like spicy things.  I believe this was originally a children’s curry, later marketed to adults.  I like it.  And finally, Java curry, bloody hot and spicy, really good tasting punch in the tongue – give it a go.


I like to read it upside down – for an extra challenge

It’s really easy to make! First throw some diced chicken breast in an oiled pan – I use olive oil and the hottest heat setting on my electric stove.


This is raw chicken – don’t eat this

Cook until it starts to brown and smell like cooked chicken, I don’t know maybe 15 minutes? Trust your senses of sight and smell on this one.


Starting to smell like a chicken shop

Then throw in some veggies, I use frozen veg it’s easier.


Frozen veggies wait for you

Then put in two large mugs of freshly boiled water, and break in the curry roux.  It comes in blocks that break up a bit like chocolate.


Note – don’t use actual chocolate

Stir, wait 10 minutes and serve with rice!  How easy is that? Serves 4-6 medium-hungry people.


Use plates – or don’t, I’m not your mother

Cost: maybe 5 bucks.  Sweet.  Enjoy!