Free Food!

How to get good quality free food at university.

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There’s food everywhere! And trust me, there is plenty to spare – you only need to look at how much is wasted and thrown away at the end of a function to see this.  It is your duty to prevent this waste, and feed yourself in the process.  To get free food at University – the first thing you need to do is work out where the free food is. What are you doing is to check for any flyers, try the common room, or just walking through the buildings in general to see if you can find an empty space but looks like it’s a place where a function could be held. Outside lecture theaters that are small, there could be electric food heaters etc. Once you identify an area where there are conferences or possibly trade displays – you can work out what time of the month or how often they come up – when you see one make sure you have your name tag (make a pre-prepared  one, so just like a plastic pocket that you have like your name in) and whenever you see the visitor display or a conference of some sort and there is food out the front – put your nametag on, hold a notepad and pen, and walk up very confidently and help yourself! Grab it! Please help yourself, then go and sit with everyone and then just kinda slowly walk as you so do this.  You can do this by yourself or you can do it in a group – it’ll be more obvious that you don’t belong there on your own, but generally people do not mind if there is an extra person. Then grab some free food!

Fries and Burger on Plate

The free food that is up for grabs at these conferences or trade displays is often really good quality food, so small cakes, pastries, sandwiches, you can even get some salads and stuff so it’s a good option. Just try  and not to get too involved in the conversation because it makes it obvious that you’re not actually meant to be there!!

Hurray – free food!

Garage sales

Great, you’ve moved out of home, and now you have your own place. That you share we some people. Maybe. Or not. Either way, you need to fill that space with stuff.  Beds, couches, bookcases, appliances, whatever – you need some stuff.  My number one tip here would be to get it for free!  If you are in an area that does curbside pickup (or hard garbage day, there are many names for this) people will leave perfectly good stuff on the side of the road.  In my experience, almost all electrical equipment found this way still works, but take great care when testing it out.  Don’t do this in a bathtub full of water for example. Other things that aren’t electric, you can take in the tub safely – but still might not be a good idea. Generally, don’t do things in the bath i guess is good advice.

This is how I furnished my first apartment.  Honestly, all from the side of the road. And after using it for a year or two I sold most of it all for complete profit!  They key is to look in the right places, if you have a car you’re golden.  Go to the nice part of town, where they have fences with big gates and stuff, you know the place.  They have great garbage there!  Working televisions (usually with remotes kindly included), yard furniture and even office furniture all up for grabs.  If you snag any linen like bedsheets or pillows etc., give these a good wash – even if they look good.  They could be diseased or something.  But yeah, free stuff everywhere, take it!  Unless it’s in someone’s yard – that’s totally stealing.

If you can’t find it there try a garage sale, but remember to negotiate on price.  Haggling is fun and it’s expected at yard sales and garage sales.  Have fun, and if you get enough free stuff, consider having your own yard sale!