Parties, Poverty and Professors


Hi, College Guy here, and i just want to saw phew!  That was tough – but so worth it.  I’ve just finished my degree now, and life is awesome – I have an awesome job, a beautiful home, and a loving family. Overall, I’ve killed life.  And now I want to help you do the same.  This blog is intended to do that.  From studying to partying, writing assignments, taking exams, and working part time – this blog covers it all. So stick around, relax, and enjoy. We have all the tips for surviving university right here – it won’t be long before you’re an awesome College Guy or Girl as well!

We’ve decided to put these pages together to help you out with being awesome at university, or college or whatever you call it.  This is a quick start guide, a cheat guide if you will, on killing it in tertiary education. It’s all blog style – so check out the recent posts and get educated!

P.S.  This is a comedy website, largely fictional, and some “advice” is intended as a joke.  We won’t be taking personal responsibility for anything you do based on what you’ve read here.  Hand around, have fun and comment on some posts!